"You need less than you think.
Just enjoy the moment."
Hello There ! my name is Andrew Sweress or just "Drew" works.
Designing my way to happiness and marketing my way to the top. As a professional designer, I have worked on all types of projects from, start-ups to big name retail companies. Providing the catalyst that cultivates thoughts and ideas into reality. Nothing is more thrilling than watching the client's eyes light up as they witness their concepts plucked from thin air and transformed into something real.
My first real breakthrough came when I was just starting out, and managed to design three full-size Collegiate buses for BGSU single-handedly. This created a unique opportunity for me to collaborate with the University sports department. I worked with them to develop the branding for their new Basketball Stadium. Fast forward, past the 2 years of freelance social media and email marketing I did, and we land closer to the present day. Which I operate in close cooperation with Kay Jewelers on promotional advertising, streamline, and improve day to day processes.  
As of late, Digital Media is at the forefront and is a MUST for creating a strong brand. Tread down this path lightly, as the Digital Marketing industry is volatile, and is subject to change at the drop of the hat. You might be asking, how can be? Obviously, some people do very well in that market. The answer is simple. They have a team or researchers, writers, analysts, etc... that works around the clock. But you don't NEED all that... 
To be successful in this industry takes patience and experience. Luckily, I have both ; ) The patience to do the research, put in the hours, hone in on the right target audience, and learning how to connect with them. Don't forget the experience. Developing many successful campaigns over the years. Building a treasure chest of sales funnels, scripts, and strategies along the way. 
Throughout my career, I have challenged myself to grasp a variety of concepts, continuously improve my skills, and maintain the highest level of professionalism. Personally, I am a very flexible, down-to-earth person and thrive in collaborative group settings. Over the years I have developed a perfectionist mentality toward my craft and an unparalleled work ethic. 
There is greatness in every idea, let's find it!
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