Modernized and ensured consistency and integrity behind the company’s brand and brand guidelines. Oversaw all design and copywriting. Collaborate with company leaders, marketing teammates, and other key stakeholders on key projects. 
Managed membership pricing, messaging, and positioning. Updated designs and content. Guided the team to meet specific production deadlines. Implemented and managed site analytics and SEO as well as, monetizing strategies. 
Social Media
I played an integral part in growing the social media following for AC Karma Sports. Managed the team to make sure posts and profiles were engaging and consistent. Content ranged from creating videos to reporting on events. Implemented processes and documentation to strategically leverage the success of the content. Such as, Competitive Evaluation, Content Calendar, Social Media Audit, and Statistics.
Email Marketing
Managed and built various email lists and campaigns, including the design templates, calls-to-action, and content used in our email. Created and developed the brand through a variety of marketing programs. Some of the programs consisted of: Newsletters, Welcome emails, Retargeting emails, and Promotions. 
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