Why Is Instagram Important?
"According to Instagram, 80% of users say they follow at least one business on the app, with 60% hearing about a product and service through the platform." This presents a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and meet your customers where they are most active. For this profile, the following were key areas of focus: 
Attracting New Customers
- Generating top of funnel awareness
- Creating another touchpoint where you can reinforce its value proposition
- Increase buyer confidence
Connecting with Current Customers
- Provide another vehicle for customers to engage with the brand and request service as necessary
- Nurture relationships with existing customers, especially helpful if your company expands product offerings/business lines
How It Worked
The adjustments for this profile were stunning. The focus was to create a clean, visually appealing profile that would convert users. Below are the adjustments made to each profile component.
1. Profile image
Draw more attention to posts by simplifying the avatar. The profile name is automatically positioned next the profile image. For logos that are hard to read at a small size it is better to utilize this space to feature a prominent brand element.
2. Profile Bio
Minimal messaging that is straightforward and to the point. Avoid long distracting bios. Think, less is more. 
3. Highlights
Having a diverse body of content is essential. Use the highlights feature as a way to organize story content. This space will be used to attract more customers, post a wider variety of content, and not sacrifice our high quality appearance. You can make this space more visually appealing and less distracting by using icons to represent each category.
4. Content
To the average Joe thinks most companies are the same. Educating your audience about the product and the added benefits it provides are essential for establishing product awareness. To position your brand as a premium product, the profile feed should project that same feeling. Sprinkling in some tastefully designed testimonials will be visually pleasing as well as improve buyer confidence. 
The Final Result
Before / After
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